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Professor Jen Webb

Jen Webb is Distinguished Professor of Creative Practice at the University of Canberra.


She has studied in South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Australia and holds a PhD in cultural theory (art and society) and a DCA in writing (creativity and embodiment). Her academic interests focus on the relationship between the field of artistic production and the wider social domain, including how representations are made (in art, literature and news media) of human rights issues, conflict and crisis, and how individuals perceive themselves and their lived experience.


Her current research includes two major projects—the first investigates the relationship between art and critical social moments; the other explores the relationship between creative practice and knowledge, focusing particularly on the role of poetry in generating thought and the possibility of ‘knowing’.


Her books include Researching Creative Writing, Understanding Representation, the poetry collections Sentences from the Archive, and Moving Targets, and Understanding Foucault: a critical introduction (coauthored with Tony Schirato and Geoff Danaher). 

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