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Meniscus Volume 6, Issue 2

Editorial Comment

A literary journal only slowly establishes itself, finding out what it is,

and for whom it exists. Each journal has its own accent, its own diction,

and though the audiences of both contributors and readers overlap

significantly, each journal nonetheless will find its own community.

Meniscus is now reaching the age where it is pretty sure about who and

what it is, thanks to the generosity of our contributors, the input of

our guest editors, and the range of communities in which it is finding

its feet. In this, as in previous years, there are both familiar names

and voices, and writers we’d not met before. As in previous years, the

contributors come from across the world, from a range of linguistic and

cultural backgrounds, from both the emerging and the very established,

and from both the very young and the very mature. As always, we

are delighted to include in this issue a number of writers whose work

explores difference – be that of voice, of perspective, of form, of culture,

or any other differences. Each work has its own discrete qualities, and

in each case the editors were impressed with a freshness in the voice,

the quality of image, the narrative traction, and the capacity of the

work to make us look at the world from a different point of view.

The Copyright Agency Ltd Cultural Fund has again provided

financial support for the best prose and best poetry published in this

issue. The poetry editors unanimously selected Elanna Herbert’s ‘Aubie:

Kokoda: 1988’; and the prose editors settled – as Sandra Arnold notes,

below – on a joint win, with Heather McQuillan’s ‘A post-traumatic

god’ and Erica Plouffe Lazure’s ‘Lost and Found’ sharing the honours.

We look forward to receiving submissions for the next issue of

Meniscus, and welcome both traditional and experimental modes of

writing; and we are pleased to let contributors know that the Australasian

Association of Writing Programs, the publisher of this journal,

has been able to cover the Submittable annual fee from a different

source, and is waiving the $5 fee previously charged to contributors.

Jen Webb and Gail Pittaway

for the Meniscus Editors


Author Index

  • Jungmin Bae
  • Ranald Barnicot
  • Rebecca Kiwi Barnstien
  • Paul Beckman
  • Tony Beyer
  • Sue Brennan
  • Kate Cantrell
  • Gayelene Carbis
  • Helen Chambers
  • Bernard Cohen
  • Mary Cresswell
  • Jane Downing
  • Siboney Duff
  • Melanie Faith
  • Bil Forshay
  • Frances Gapper
  • Alexandra Geneve
  • Carla Geneve
  • Charmaine Papertalk Green
  • Sarah Gridley
  • Yvette Harvey
  • Dominique Hecq
  • Tom Hennemann
  • Elanna Herbert
  • Suzanne Herschell
  • Gail Ingram
  • Lisa Kenway
  • Jess Kilby
  • Em König
  • Erica Plouffe Lazure
  • Michael J Leach
  • Kate Mahony
  • Heather McQuillan
  • Jazz Money
  • Margaret Moores
  • Pam Morrison
  • Chris Muscardin
  • Alison Nannup
  • Cath Nichols
  • Keith Nunes
  • Sarah Penwarden
  • Jonathan Andrew Perez
  • Maggie Rainey-Smith
  • Tess Ridgway
  • Ernest Slyman
  • Rachel Smith
  • Elizabeth Smither
  • Maria Stadnicka
  • Andrew Stiggers
  • Supatra Walker
  • Carl Walsh
  • Julia Webb
  • Rosemary Wildblood
  • Iona Winter
  • Marco Yan
  • Hollie Ziskind