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Meniscus Volume 8, Issue 2 

Editorial Comment

During this time of global crisis, when the COVID-19 pandemic has affected most people in the world in profound ways, creative writing is increasingly important—not only as a form of self-expression, and sometimes recovery, but as a way of articulating significant concerns that belong to the various communities the writers inhabit.

The works in the December 2020 issue of Meniscus range over various issues, many of them connected to personal feelings and relationships and particular domestic and quotidian occasions and situations. They explore ways in which people understand their connections to, and alienations from others and their relationships to received ideas and the complexities of language.

I recommend this Meniscus issue to you and the diverse and bracing stories and poems it contains.

Paul Hetherington

for the Meniscus co-editors


Author Index

  • Deniz Agraz
  • Vivien Arnold
  • Cassandra Atherton
  • Tony Beyer
  • AC Blogg
  • Wendy BooydeGraaff
  • Sue Brennan
  • Rohan Buettel
  • Dakota Canon
  • Alan Cohen
  • Katharine Coles
  • Helen Cushing
  • Michael Davies
  • Adam Day
  • Anne Di Lauro
  • Jane Downing
  • Mark Edgecombe
  • Naomi Elster
  • Persephone Fraser
  • Janet Fuller
  • Helen Gearing
  • Kevin Grauke
  • Melanie Hall
  • Oz Hardwick
  • Marg Hickey
  • Paul Ilechko
  • Jinendra Jain
  • Penelope Layland
  • Wes Lee
  • Harold Legaspi
  • Kate Middleton
  • Robert W Monk
  • Lisa Nan Joo
  • Rick Neale
  • Dani Netherclift
  • Cathryn Perazzo
  • Mary Pomfret
  • Donna Pucciani
  • Rosie Roberts
  • Rachel Robertson
  • Natalie Satakovski
  • Ian C Smith
  • Su-May Tan
  • Les Wicks