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Affiliated prizes

The AAWP offers other opportunities for writers, including the Emerging Writers Prize and the Chapter One Prize. 

Information about each prize is available at, and submission is through

Information for contributors to Meniscus:

Please read previous issues of Meniscus to get a sense of the flavour of the journal. Submissions can be sent at any time. However, the editors will only read submissions twice a year: in February (for the April-May issue) and in August (for the October-November issue). 

1. How to submit your work

  • Please send portfolios of up to five poems, or two prose pieces of up to 3,000 words each
  • Submit your work via
  • Include a brief bio note (50-75 words)
  • Include a confirmation that it is your own work, and not previously published
  • Advise us if it is being simultaneously submitted to other literary outlets.

2. What happens next

  • All submissions will be logged and then await the editorial reading process
  • The editors will read and confer about all the submissions during February and August
  • You will be advised of the outcome of this reading as soon as the editors have completed the process
  • Possible outcomes are: accepted as is; not accepted but editors will provide suggestions of how it might be strengthened for possible publication in the subsequent issue; not accepted
  • If your work was accepted, it will then be prepared for publication. You may be asked to clarify setting or other aspects, and will be asked to confirm the final version that will go online
  • Once the issue has gone on the Meniscus website, you will be emailed to let you know that it is now available. 

3. Intellectual property

Meniscus claims only first publication rights; copyright of all work published in the journal remains with the authors. Submissions must be the sole work of the author and not involve third parties with a claim to copyright. Permission to reproduce photographs and illustrations is the responsibility of the author.