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25 June 2017


Volume 6, Issue 1

The editors are currently reading submissions to this volume: watch this space in early April for the next issue and a new body of works.  

Volume 5, Issue 2

This volume went live in November, and contains some remarkable and exciting work.  

The 'winners' of the second CAL awards for 2017 are Ella Jeffery for her poem 'Varnish'; and the judges couldn't decide between Ira McGuire's 'Life in Fragments' and Deb Wain's 'A Platter of Antipasti', so they shared the prose award.

Volume 5, Issue 1

The Copyright Agency Ltd has generously provided three years of funding for Meniscus, on the condition that for each issue, the editors select what they consider to be the best prose piece, and the best poem, each of which is given a fee / prize of $1,000. We are very grateful for this support; but we do regret that at present we have not been able to secure funding to pay the other contributors. Keep an eye on this page, and if we're able to find a sponsor or patron, we will swiftly make that known. 

The 'winners' of the first CAL awards for 2017 are Eugen Bacon, for her story 'Honey Gone Sour', and Helen Moore for her poem ‘A Legacy, Mother’s Day’. 

Volume 4, Issue 2

Submissions to the next issue of Meniscus are now invited. Creative writing of any genre—poetry, micro fiction, short fiction, creative nonfiction, essays—is welcome. Submissions should be up to 3000 words for prose, or 50 lines for poetry. The works should engage with or reflect the notion of the divide or barrier, or be set in rural or regional areas, and should be by writers who live, work or study in these regions. Please click here for information about making a submission.

Peruse any of Meniscus journal’s previous issues to familiarize yourself with the kind of work the journal publishes.

Meniscus is supported by funding from Copyright Agency Limited (CAL). All published material receives a small fee of $50.

Volume 4, Issue 1

The latest issue of Meniscus, now published, is a two-part issue, beginning with the Special Issue, “Beyond the Divide”, as conceived and edited by Dallas John Baker. It seems appropriate that this first special issue should relate so intriguingly to the James Turrell installation, “Within Without”, which inspired the title of this journal and continues to feature in a new photograph for the cover image of each issue.

Dallas John Baker highlights a particular East Coast divide in Australia, but we are pleased that the call for contributions resulted – as in past issues – with a considerable quantity of material from other parts of the world. At the same time, we also received an ongoing stream of general submissions, and this issue has accommodated a selection of those within its second part—a sort of “beyond the beyond”. Chris Kerr, a newcomer to Australia from the UK, has acted as guest editor on that section, further developinging the British/Australasian editorial axis of the journal.

We are grateful to both guest editors for their work in compiling this issue.

Paul Munden and Gail Pittaway

Meniscus Editors